Carel E2V18CS100 Eletronic expansion valve – High pressure – Fully welded


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E2V18CS100 eletronic expansion valve E2v 13-13 Stainless steel high pressure version with Bipolar stator. REMARK: (MOPD) for E2V24** is only 85bar and not 120bar

Use only Carel driver with this product and read carefully the manual +030220811 before installing.

Compatibility: Gruop2: R22, R134a, R404A, R407C, R410A, R744, R507A, R417A, R407H

Maximum Operating DP (MOPD): up to 120 bar (1740psi) for range E2V03C****-E2V18C****, 85 bar (1255 psi) for E2V24C****

PS – Maximum Allowable Pressure: E2V**CS0 140bar (2030 psig)

REMEMBER the valve should always be fully open before welding!