Carel EDVPN01003 PANEL – EVD driver.


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This Panel produced by Carel contains the EVD evolution driver EVD0000E50. The panel can only handle regulating one single valve and only Carel valve. If you need to control valve of 3-part supplier you need different model. The letter “E” you read in the product code means it is only for RS485 communication and not tLan or pLan.

Power supply:      230VAC

This model does not contain backup battery. If you have a power faliure the valve will stop instantly at the position when the power is lost. It can happen that liquide continuos to flow into the evaporator.

To activate the regulation of the valve you need to bridge the DI1 input. Please bee careful it is only potiential free. If you bridge with power the controller will be dammaged.