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Carel PCOS00AKY0 SMART KEY is a tool where you can store software from PCO, microchiller3 or HECU controllers. You can transfer data between controllers. You can also connect the key to PC where you can transfer the data between the key and the PC.

The key is connected to the controller using telephone cabel, that follows when you purchase the device.

When connecting to PC you also need the adapter PCOS00AKC0

Power supply to the key comes from either the PCO controller or the PC. (no external power supply is needed)

The Key has 2 buttons; “mode” and “start”. “Mode” button is used to switch between down- and upload. “start” button is used when you want to start the transfer of software.

You need the SMART KEY programmer software downloaded to your PC before connecting the Key. This software you can download from Carel KSA webpage.