Panasonic 2HP OCU-CR200VF5 R744 condensing unit

Capacity negative 2000w, -30 evap. +32 ambient.

Package including;

Castel 60bar safety valve + fittings

Electrical panel with MPX-pro controller

6m NTC sensor with metal cylinder

Expansion valve E2V**CS100 + e2vcab connection cable

SPKT 60bar pressure transducer with connection cable

6m NTC superheat sensor with strap on connection.

Panasonic 2HP R744 condensing unit + electrical panel – negative temperature


Price is excl. TAX.

Available on backorder

Panasonic 2HP R744 condensing unit – Including electrical panel with build in Carel MPX-pro contoller and accessories. Negative 2000w, -30 evap. +32 ambient.