Rivacold CO2NNEXT is quite a complicated condensing unit. We would like to share some of our expirence when troubleshooting due to abnormalities.

Most common issue of this unit is broken compressor due to overfilling of refrigerant during commissioning or missing oil for lubrication of the compressor. This two issues are always related to missing oil traps and not following carefully the guidelines during commissioning. If piping construction is correct and commissioning has been done according to the guidelines unit will run smoothly for comming years.


Rivacold R744 CN100M245X1212 condensing unit


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Application                              MBP

Refrigerant                              R744

Capacity max. +25/-10         8893w

Capacity min. +25/-10          2528w

Power supply                           400V

Power consumption               5700w

Current consumption             10A

Weight                                       160kg

Please contact NRS to get more information of how to calculate the amount of refrigerant to add and how to handle the unit during commissioning.