Carel PJEZC00000 EASY refrigeration controller


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This model only have 8 amp relay for compressor.

Power supply                          230Vac

Compressor relay                   8 amp

Defrost relay                           8 amp

Fan relay                                  8 amp

Room temp. sensor                NTC

Defrost temp. sensor              NTC

Digital input/probe 3               O

Defrost can also be activated be digital input – see page 21. parameter A4=2

The controller can both be used with coldrooms and cabinets. It has tree button to the left of the display. on/off  button, set-button and defrost button. Defrost and on/off button is also used as arrow keys.

Easy controller has the funktion EZY. With this funktion or parameter you can fast choose 25 preset parameters that are different from the standard. In the manual on page 36 you find at table with the values that can be choosen. You have 4 different options containing the 25 parameters at with special defined values.

Remember you overvrite the standard parameters with the parameters found in this list, but it is always possible to return to factory standard by resetting the controller.

Carel easy has maximum of 3 relay output, if you need more it is necessary to use IR33 platform.

If this model we recommend to purchase PJEZC0p000. PJEZC0P000 has 16 amp compressor relay where PJEZC0P000 has only 8 amp