Carel EVD0000E50 EVD Evolution single


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EVD0000E50 is driver for Carel Electronic expansion valve. This version is SINGLE which means you can only connect one valve. It is only possible to program the driver if you have the EVDIS00EN0. This display you need to order seperatly. The display is removable, if you have more driveres at same location you only need one display as it can be moved around. This driver is only for Rs484 communication.

This driver can only control Carel eletronic expansion valve, if you need to control 3-part valve you need different model. Please check the instruction manual for more information.

It is possible to use the VPM software with the driver, you can download the software from ksa webside EVDCNV00E0 converter is needed, as connection between the PC and driver.

The driver is delivered with a plastic cover on the front, you need to remove this cover before you can mount the EVDIS00EN0 display.

Power supply:
• 24 Vac (+10/-15%) and protected by external 2 A T fuse.
• 24 Vdc (+10/-15%) and protected by external 2 A T fuse. The transformer needs to be class 2 and maximum 100 VA.

Power input:

• 16.2 W with ALCO EX7/EX8 valves, 9.2 W with all other valves
• 35 VA with backup battery; 35 VA with ALCO EX7/EX8 valves; 20 VA all other valves  (without backup battery)

If the driver is not having enough supply the display will be flashing and the valve will not be able to move.

The EVD-evolution is mostly used as stand alone superheat controller

EVD evolution is mostly used as a stand-alone superheater regulator, but it can be used for many other purposes. We have i.a. applied it to gas cooler CO2 transcritical regulation with huge success.