The MasterCella can handle dead band control. AUX1 or AUX2 is used for reverse funktion. to activate the relay you need to set either H1 or H5 = 11. Setpoint is in the center of the dead band and the parameter rn is the size of the dead band. The parameter rd is the hysteresis of the compressor relay and the parameter rr is the hysteresis of the the AUX1 or AUX2

Carel MasterCella MD33D0FB00 with door interlock switch


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Carel MasterCella MD33D0FB00 with door interlock switch

Power supply                            115-230Vac

Compressor relay                    16 amp

Defrost relay                             8 amp

Fan relay                                    8 amp

Aux1 relay                                 8 amp

Light/aux2 output                   16 amp

Room temp. sensor                 NTC

Defrost temp. sensor              NTC

Digital input                              2

This MasterCella version has door interlock switch. Pease see the brochure for more information

The MasterCella can be connected to the Boss range supervisory system through RS485 serial network. Wires are connected to 28 – 29 – 30. A small board needs to be installed on the main PCB to be able to communicate with the MasterCella. You can chose between either IROPZSEM10 or IROPZSEM30. IROPZSEM10 is only for supervisory communication. IROPZSEM30 can both be used for supervisory communication or repeater display.